We are your source to Organic/Natural vegetables and fruits. Since the end of 2010 we have made it our mission to make organic/naturally grown foods easily available to our communities around us. As we grow, we add to what is available. Starting a Business in our home was not easy, from selling out of the yard to home delivery of The Garden Box Club, harvesting, cleaning, bagging, then packing became our weekly routine. Obtaining a building and some land, we are beginning our expansion. With a Certified Organic farm, and a Organic/natural whole food and produce store in our downtown, healthy foods will be easily available at a affordable price, not only to our community but surrounding communities. Roxanna and I have made it our goal through The Learning Farm, The Garden Box Club, and our future plans to share what we have learned about growing, cooking, and eating "clean" foods. Making it available to everyone we can.
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